KEGG pathway analysis with target genes for DEmiRNAs

Prepare a list of genes

After users have identified a list of DEmiRNAs, users can perform KEGG pathway enrichment analysis with the target genes for these DEmiRNAs by clicking "Go to pathway analysis".

On the pathway analysis page, users can select all target genes (the blue box) or select a subset of genes based on fold change, p-values or number of DEmiRNAs reported to target at that particular gene. After a gene list is specified, users can start KEGG pathway enrichment analysis by clicking on "Start".

KEGG pathway enrichment results

TACCO provides the gene ratio distribution plot for enriched KEGG pathways. Users can download, zoom in, zoom out or reset the plot.

TACCO also provides the connected network plot for enriched KEGG pathways. Pathways sharing the same gene(s) are connected in the network plot. Users can also download, zoom in, zoom out or reset the plot.

Detailed information for KEGG enrichment analysis is listed in the table. Users can download the table or select a pathway of interest and visit KEGG website. TACCO will open a new page for users to explore the selected pathway in KEGG.

A KEGG pathway example, in which TACCO highlight all the selected genes with the red boxes.

Select another list of genes

User can also go back to select target genes for another different group of DEmiRNAs all over again by clicking "Choose another dataset".